What anyone who has served in combat understands is that the anchor which held you in place your previous life has now slipped. You drag your anchor across the bottom or the line breaks and you lose it entirely. Most of us are someplace in between the two. What we quickly learn, if we are paying attention, is that our world is founded on war. You don’t gain new territory or make major changes in governments unless somebody gets killed. Please, may I have your country? Doesn’t work does it?

War is the way of our world and no matter how much of a peacenik you are you understand this deep down inside. I guess I understood this long before I served as I am one who was born shortly after World War Two. I was spoon fed war growing up so Vietnam was not a big deal. Just go there and hope you come home at all but it will be nice if it is also in one piece. I managed both but for my back. Nothing a couple of Aleve won’t cure for a time. If your vertebrae are grinding Aleve works better than anything else I find. Acupuncture can do a wonder of good also.

So, when I was a kid I began reading the Bible on my own. I was around eleven when I picked one up and read Genesis. I just kept going until Revelations and that took me a few years. I guess I retained about 2% of all I read but the Bible does something to those who stay with it. It seems to grow inside you and it soon dictates what is and isn’t right with dang near everything. It finally let me know that God is forgiving and that alone was worth the toil. It picked me up and carried me away from a near ending of my days. Don’t do that, is what it told me. Don’t give up on life because it isn’t you that is pushing you toward the cliff. It is he who fools the world.

Today I write and one thing I write as often as I can is my website: Sum of Truth. I began doing this over a year ago and it just keeps growing and you’d be surprised at how much of this world comes to read that website. People from countries ruled with an iron fist. That website gets thousands of visitors and it isn’t me and my writing that brings them. It is them trying to find hope while in dire straits. Word of mouth it must be because i don’t advertise it. It is just there and people find it. Pretty dang amazing to me it is.

I am also writing a story at another website here. I have two parts published and you’re welcome to visit and read. It’s free as I am not one who needs either money nor fame. Both of those ruin the heart don’t they?

If you would like to speak with me you can go here. Approval is required but just put the name of this website on the form and you will be approved. Easy and fun and a whole lot different than Twitter or Facebook as I will hold membership at a steady rate of users. If you are looking for something fun and new it is up to you to make it that way. Fun, that is.

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