I build websites. I learned to do this several years ago strictly seat of the pants using Ubuntu (a programming language). I am by no means an expert but it is a lot of fun and requires dedication to learn all the codes for making websites come to life.

A problem for anyone doing this this way is that tutorials are put up to help and quickly forgotten. Sometimes the versions of a particular software tutorial is old by two to three years and the versions have moved on. This makes those tutorials defunct unless you know a lot more than people like me do.

I thought it would be a good idea to put up a community for those who understand well enough to build websites to have a place to discuss work arounds or contribute their own tutorials. I put this up today at:

Should you be interested in this click the link ad it will take you there. Just mention this site (abcro) when you are asked for your reason to join and I will make you a member. This technique helps to keep detrimental software which roams the internet from making a mess of my work.

Of course, it is also for general discussion but I ask that politics be kept to a whisper should politics come up. Politics is a fuse waiting to be lit and it is not for this website. Knowledge of what we know is what this is for. As well as helping to learn how to make websites happen.

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