The Topic of Writing

I thought I would inform you that, instead of bemoaning this world I also write fiction. The fiction didn’t start until around ten years aga. Before this I was just a blogger and nincompoop extraordinaire. Beginning to write fiction required I go back to school and learn again grammar and punctuation. You know, how not to use four hundred commas in a sentence. You’d be surprised how many pronouns I found piled up around my desk by the time I launched into my unknown realm of make-believe.

I am writing a story on another website I built just for one story of indeterminate length. I honestly don’t know how far this story will go but it is a lot of enjoyment to write it and it is already getting about one hundred views per day. I am only now on the second chapter so it appeals to some I would guess.

It is under my name, here. Take a read and you are welcome to comment should you desire to do so.

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