The Topic of Life

Despite the fact that we must live in a sour world full of hurdles and pitfalls we each have received the gift of life. A gift because, for the most part, we were wanted by our parents and were brought here out of love. Exceptions are always a truism so let’s accept that we are here and make the best of it. If we do not attempt to excel we cheat only ourselves; not to mention the love which brought us here.

Life itself is never an accident. Instead, it is a chance given freely. There are many now who are ignorant of this. Life begins at conception, the one who dictates what life is in the first place tells us. To stray from this demarcation is wrong and should not happen. Sin seems a trite word to us now but it is a truth also. Truth has been slashed and burned to the point of being an unknown quantity in these times so what is happening is a result of this.

It is time to find the basics again. Not the superfluous bilge that crams into society from one end to the other suffocating reality but the truth as written millennia ago. It has not changed in all this time. If it had changed we wouldn’t be here. Consider this as you peer into the darkness of what we’ve become and go and find that light which, no matter how dire a wind blows, awaits you.

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