The Topic of Death

“Well.” the entire group said in harmony . . . grimacing, “Where’s this turkey going with this diatribe?!”

First of all, I bring this topic to the fore because as much as people don’t want a thing to do with it, it isn’t going away. You know this. I know this because I was put in the position to see, smell, feel, and handle it. It is anything but pleasant but it is also either the end or a new beginning for each and every one of us. If you really get down to brass tacks it is what life is ultimately about so don’t go all squishy on me.

The last post was titled, “God.” How daring of me to broach that subject! What a maroon this guy is! Of the many factors that don’t enter polite conversation these two are by far the most meaningful. The Zenith and Nadir so to speak. Avoidance is only for the living and life, my dear friends, is shorter than any of us would like. We know of death. Some are made only to aware of its presence when a loved one passes too soon. Then it is all about: It was his or her time to go. As though time had an untimely influence. Circumstance is the real reason. God didn’t take them, circumstance did. It is all about circumstance and the more dangerous a circumstance you allow in your life, whether purposefully or accidentally, it is there to gobble up the unwary.

Politics is for the unwary. Taking any type of responsibility for strangers is a herculean effort and you better be ready. Politicians are never ready. They move and shake and create new circumstances all over us. They suck at it to; mostly. Are they considering death? Some are but most just want prestige and power. It takes a certain type to be a politician and most winners aren’t cut of the right cloth to hold office. They bring the potential of death for the strangers they lord over. They obviously make a lot of cash doing this to. Turkeys. gobble, gobble.

After death what? is the eternal question and those who understand their real purpose on this little globe have a good idea and that good idea is what allows them to conduct a decent life. Death comes for us all but there is also a promise made by the one who created us. I know, it was primordial ooze we crawled out from. No it wasn’t. We think of death whereas nothing else living on this planet does. If you want the basics of how to understand life think of what occurs if you do lousy things to people or, on the other hand, try your darnedest to do good things for people. Go ahead, put one who does good on a scale with say, a murdering, drug dealing gang member, and see how the balance tips. You don’t have to do that do you? It is present in your brain and you can thank me for pointing this out later.

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