Peering Out

My wife and I live in a sparsely populated village within a radius north of the large cities by some distance. Last I looked our population was less than 400 persons. We got here by circumstance and due to business as I owned a business here after spending most of my life elsewhere. My wife is a professional within the medical field.

From this vantage point and because I am a veteran we look out from where we are relatively unaffected by what goes on in our cities. We are not overly influenced by the political either as we pay attention to politics but the way we have situated ourselves are not bothered by much of what is going on. We made certain choices which brought us to this place and those choices demanded great sacrifice in finances as we chose a simpler life. As younger people the draw of the money in urban areas was substantial but she and I agreed that if we got by comfortably doing what we knew that we would be happier with life. Eventually, the draw of the city waned and the happiness grew.

Now, when we peer out from here, we understand that the choices we made for less were good choices. Happy we are but we are now in the position of fearing encroachment should things get worse in the urban areas due to lack of intellect in government. Stupid people in charge make stupid choices and quite often are overcome by people smarter than they who manipulate them. Just look at Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. A plethora of urbanity run by dolts.

Lastly, conservatism is not easily defined. My definition is that conservatives are law abiding, God fearing people. Some politicians call themselves conservatives and that, to me, is a rather tenuous claim. God fearing is the test. You can’t properly fear God if you are lock, stock and barrel into the political swamp. Then again, it is up to the individual to make right choices when the time comes for choosing one over the other. I think that this is enough to muse on.

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