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I would like to also recommend my social website: Myopic hints at those who can’t see what is close to them well. Nearsightedness, so to speak. For some you will find this refreshing as I built it to circumvent the blistering politics of so many other social websites. In stead of blaming, denigrating or cursing each other I built it to have calm discussion of many topics we are forced to deal with day to day.

It has always been my goal to friend only those who are thinking about things rather than reacting to things. Reaction quite often leads to failure and sometimes failure in spades. There are many ways to avoid this type of impulse and one of those is quiet, thoughtful discussion.

If you find this a refresh to what is normal then I have succeeded and you can be in on the ground floor of something thoughtful and new. Consider joining is all I ask. Membership will be limited and rabble-rousers will be removed quickly. Peace.

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