Something I learned a long time ago was to separate two words from one another. Before you shake your head let me explain. To some, these words are synonymous but they are separate when considering the times we are in. Especially for those who seek truth and refuse to go along with this political fire storm or the other but, instead, look for and find the steady course. There is only one steady course and it is universal. One truth and it to is universal.

The first word is: world. This is how we live, who governs us, how we go about our daily lives. It is that huge monolith we have built for ourselves. It morphs and changes over time but its system is relatively stable. Over thousands of years we have had as rulers: savages, monarchs, dictators and presidents. We have seen built huge corporations and small businesses, insurance companies, banks, and realtors. All a part of the world yet made up of individuals.

The second word is: Earth. Our planet lies in the only place in this known universe that will support our own unique life forms. No matter what science throws its theories at, this is the only planet on which life of every variety can exist and thrive. The environment on this planet it will support all kinds of living creatures. Be those creatures single cell or complex, such as elephants, snakes, butterflies, you and I.

This planet’s climate is a machine and is more powerful than political parties want us to realize. We cannot pollute or despoil this planet if thousands of belching volcanoes over millions of years have not already done so. If you study the volcanic fumes you know that they are far more destructive and toxic than anything mankind has put into the atmosphere. Far more destructive. Yet, here I type and here you gaze at your monitor. You and I are more or less comfortable and if we get up and go outside, voila, the air is fresh and clean. But, of course, for some cities.

All of this is to say that when people speak of the end of the world it is the system of man that is going to fail. The Earth will remain forever and it will be brought back to its original condition. A condition that no one has had the distinct pleasure to live in say, since the Garden. I say this with confidence because I read and critically study the Bible. I wasn’t always one who believed but I have watched during my limited time on this planet alive and found that everything the Bible told me about these times is coming to pass; graphically. It reads like a blueprint. In God’s eye, we have reached the end of governing ourselves as we were never intended to do. He has given us more than enough time to prove this to ourselves and this is what we are seeing out there as systems of governance are stressed to their breaking point.

Read Matthew 26 and see what the Son has said about these times. Open minds absorb truth. Closed minds repel truth. Simple.

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