Fruition of Mulling

In case you may have missed it, read this article here. I ask this as for some time I have been writing another website (blog, if you will) concerning Scripture. It came to mind that no one can find each and every website on the internet because different people have different tastes in reading. With that, I also realized that the interest in my other website is increasing in readership by the day so it may be that I have struck a chord of something many are looking for.

So I am going to, on occasion, also put here what I write there. Quotes directly from the Bible concerning our times and, also, to straighten out what some call Christians now that could not be further from the truth. Christianity is not church bells and Sundays. Christianity is a way of life and self-discipline which brings about a cleansing of spirit. It is also very much a way to deal honestly with others no matter their religious bent. What I hear from ignorant mouths sickens me because they know not a thing about what they are uttering.

I suppose this should be under the category of news so that is where I will place it.

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