It’s been a long road to get to this place. Since 1948 I’ve been sometimes running, sometimes strolling through life. Even the easy walks have been rife with memories. Most of those memories are of combat in Vietnam and the succeeding imprints of that war carving both cynicism and love into my brain. If you know a vet, thank them. They need reassurance that they are welcome to be here.

If I had to point to one thing which has kept me going it is the Bible. There have been deep canyons of misery in my life after that war. That I am here now is only due to my love of God and His hope which He gave all of us through His words. Of course, my wife is also a rock which I have leaned on as I married the right woman. How I managed that I will never know.

I’m not going to make suggestions as to how you live but when your life takes a downward turn the Bible may help you rise again. I say this only from the point of knowing this to be true for me. Faith is the dividing line of our society now. Those without it are wallowing in filth and those with it take it as it comes. Either way it is difficult to keep moving forward. I should say also that life is precious and killing is a horror which ruins a person who does so. But the same can be said for those wallowing in filth. Filth of mind and spirit as they have chosen to forsake the truth to don a coverlet of lies and deliberate mental atrocities. We are drowning in pronouns and confusion brought about by straying from the narrow road which leads to salvation. Perhaps you’ve noticed this? The loud voices of deceit, avarice and selfishness which permeate our social lives.

There is hope and that hope has never resided in mankind. Mankind is best known for repeating the same mistakes, over and over again. It resides in He who has paved our road with grace but left it our choice to take that grace with thanks or reject it for the world. It really is that simple. The complexity of this world is not intellectual. Intellectualism is thrown like carrion in our path to force us to deviate from our appointed course. Intellectual is a state of selfishness, superiority when none exists and to put some individuals over others while casting those others into the forced labor of survival. It goes on throughout history, this separation of greed over love of people. It is as old as Adam and Eve and it comes from the one in the Garden who took us off our intended path. Consider this food for thought

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