I was raised a Catholic. As I now recall that upbringing it introduced me to Jesus and God. However, by the age of fifteen I’d had enough of that church. As I recall it was the priests that became political radicals which provided the impetus to leave the church. It wasn’t easy but I had begun reading the Bible to see what was in it. As I read book after book I found much of what that book said was not practiced by the church. I kind of got the idea that politics and God did not mix. It was not an easy departure as so many admonishments had been placed on anyone who dared leave the church was damned.

As my orbit took me further away from the church I grew closer to the Bible. Since that time I’ve never rejoined that or any other church or religious organization. You see, each one seems to have deliberately changed some of the Bible’s words, God’s words, to fit what each individual church wanted from their parishioners.

After Vietnam I went a little wild and threw everything away. It was Jehovah’s Witnesses who brought me back to my senses. Still, I would not join them as a church either. I had had enough of the hypocrisy I saw everywhere around religious organizations. The Bible, however, gave me peace which I could not find elsewhere after combat. For many years I had taken to drinking to dull the memories. I eventually stopped that (no meetings, just will power and prayer) and have not tippled since. It’s been over a decade so I believe it is in my past.

I have a website, Sum of Truth, to which I invite you to partake. In these times we are in there are many questions as to what comes next and I use the Bible to answer some of these. I also give you some information on what I have done to seek out the truth. In the end, it is truth which allows us a new beginning. Don’t take my word for it, I don’t, I just give what the Bible tells anyone who will listen.

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